Our About page provides information on Cornwall Link. This page also explains how you can contribute and connect to your communities. Our About page aims to offer clear advice and information on Cornwall Link to help you get started and find out everything you need to know. But, if you need help or have a question, please contact us.

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A community is a group of people based on a shared interest, identity, location or need. 

  1. Call our community helpline on 01872 266383
  2. Email us on: email@ageukcornwall.org.uk
  3. Send us a direct message to the Cornwall Link account: Cornwall Link Digital

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Our Mission and Values

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Our mission is to connect people and professionals to their communities by:

  • Making it easier to connect and work together.
  • Better and personalised access to health and wellbeing services. 
  • Helping services promote themselves and spread their message to support more people.
  • Developing Cornwall Link to meet community needs as they change.

Through Cornwall Link – the community platform - we hope to reduce loneliness and its health impacts for people that live in Cornwall.

Our values shape what we offer and how we develop through:

  • Promoting good health and wellbeing for everyone
  • Connectivity through inclusivity
  • Being a part of community growth

You can read more on this page to discover how we deliver our mission and values. Back to the Top

About Cornwall Link 

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Cornwall Link is an online database of services, activities, events and volunteering opportunities, known as community listings.

A community listing on Cornwall Link is a service, activity or event that helps people by offering support or connection. These listings provide information like: 

  • A description of a service that can help you. 
  • When the service is available to you. 
  • How you can get in touch with the service provider. 

We have also developed Cornwall Link to provide social networking features to help further facilitate connection and collaboration with others.

We made Cornwall Link because we saw two needs in Cornwall.

  1. To provide the public with better and clear access to the support they need.
  2. Deliver an interactive and responsive database for health and wellbeing professionals to use in their work.

Cornwall has a lot of services and support, but it can be difficult to find information on what you need, when you need it.

We have worked with the community and organisations to develop Cornwall Link to meet community needs and develop new features that make our Cornwall directory better. 

Cornwall Link is a complementary service to our community information and advice helpline – 01872 266383. Both services are offered as part of the Inclusion Matters partnership, where we work with other organisations to provide many community services. Back to the Top

Who is Cornwall Link For?

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Cornwall Link is for everyone looking for or providing support services for Cornwall. The support could be local, county-wide or national services but all listings on the Cornwall Link serve Cornish residents. 

Cornwall Link is a service within the Inclusion Matters partnership, who work with people of all ages. While the platform is managed by Age UK Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly, who specialise in assisting those over 50 years old, the Cornwall Link platform is for everyone to find or offer help– regardless of age, interests or needs.

Our platform welcomes and includes family and child support services. While members must be over 16 to register, parents or trusted adults can help members below this age with their searches.

Our platform also helps professionals working in the health and care sector with signposting, collaboration, networking and promotion within Cornwall. Back to the Top

Does Cornwall Link Cost? 

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Cornwall Link is free for all - there is no cost to using or registering to Cornwall Link and its services.

This platform is funded by Age UK Cornwall and their community partners.

If you would like to donate or fundraise for Age UK Cornwall to continue to maintain and develop the Cornwall Link Service, please visit our website or contact us.

Donate to Age UK Cornwall 

We appreciate all donations and funding for Cornwall Link which allows us to adapt to the changing needs of the public and service providers. Back to the Top

The Features of Cornwall Link

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With several functions, Cornwall Link is more than a community directory. Cornwall Link has several features that make it a useful tool for the community. 

We continue to develop the Cornwall Link features to meet the needs of the community, if you have any ideas or feedback for us on your Cornwall Link experience - please contact usBack to the Top

The Benefits of Cornwall Link

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For Individual Users

For Service Leads, Community Groups and Organisations

See our full Terms and Conditions here

Want to know why other organisations and community groups use Cornwall Link? Take a look at our recommendations below. 

Who Recommends Us? 

Cornwall Link is a fantastic resource to reach communities in Cornwall. As we don’t have a physical location there it’s so important to have a digital presence and let people know that we’re there to help should they need it. It’s brilliant to be part of this generous community and find out information about other local resources that we might otherwise have missed

Guide Dogs South West provide life-changing support, skills and dogs for people with sight loss. We helped Guide Dogs through our community service offer, helping to spread awareness of their fundraiser. 

See More Recommendations 

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Who Do We Work With?

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We work with several partners, suppliers and collaborators to make the Cornwall Link the best community platform it can be. In this section, we explain who we work with and how we work with them on this service. 


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Cornwall Link is supported and part-funded by our Inclusion Matters partners. You may have seen us mention the Inclusion Matters partnership a few times on this site, but who are they and what do they do?

Inclusion Matters is a service that aims to make it easier for residents of Cornwall to find out the information and advice they need to improve their well-being, stay healthy, get active and increase their connection to their community.

Inclusion Matters partnership is made up of the following organisations:

Together we offer community services under a contract called 'Inclusion Matters'. The services include:

Want to get involved? There are a number of ways you can get involved with Inclusion Matters such as volunteering assisting our Community Coaches. Please contact us to find out more. 

If you feel you could benefit from one or more of these services, please call the Helpline on 01872 266383 who will discuss your options with you. 


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We work with trusted suppliers - like Made Open- to help deliver parts of the Cornwall Link service. You may have seen them mentioned a few times around the site, but who are they and what do they do

Made Open supply the unique website platform and support to us to deliver and develop Cornwall Link for our members. They are a service design and technology company who help organisations build better communities through design services such as community platforms. Made Open provide us with the platform technology (or software), technical assistance, develop functions and assist with development planning. 

They do not provide support to members, add content or provide an information and advice service for members. Any user looking for help with using Cornwall Link should contact Age UK Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly to receive the help they need. 


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Cornwall Link (and Age UK Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly) collaborate with community groups and organisations to deliver joint projects such as social media campaigns, complementary services, community events and workshops.

Some of the organisations we have collaborated with include Healthwatch Cornwall and BBC Radio Cornwall.  

We are open to hearing from anyone in the community with an idea. Collaboration is subject to availability, funding and discussion. Please get in touch with us to talk. Contact us.

Our Collaborations 

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