Adele and Harry

My name is Adele Thompson and I work as a Living Well (East) Coordinator. This is the story of Harry, one of the first people I worked with.

Harry is a great chap from Yorkshire and being a fellow northerner we hit it off well.  The day I met Harry, we had a guided conversation, I asked what his day was like and what would make his life more exciting. He said he has had heart problems and stays in and spends most days watching TV; he said, “I have a lot of time, and not a lot to do with it”.

His pride and joy is a latch hook rug proudly displayed in front of his fire place. He told me how he had made it many years ago, but was unable to make one now, as he didn’t get out he know where to get the materials from.

He also reminisced about his years in the RAF as a gunner on a Lancaster Bomber, speaking fondly of the planes and soaring high among the clouds.  I took along my laptop and together on the internet we found a company in Penzance that makes latch hook kits and Harry ordered a new kit with an inspiring design. Two weeks later Harry had made amazing progress.

Not stopping there, we have been collecting information on aviation displays and talking about flying. Harry really wants to go up in a plane again. With the help of a volunteer we have managed to arrange a flight on a Chipmunk at Newquay next summer.

Now feeling more confident, Harry wants to use his new mobility scooter which has been provided by the RAF. So we arranged to go out on the scooter, starting small with a visit to the local shops. He is now meeting up with another local man who was also in the RAF and is a fellow scooter rider.

Even in five weeks I can see a real difference in him. Harry told me this morning that he was so pleased with everything, saying “You have done me a good job, Adele Thompson, over and out!”