Mary’s story

Mary, who is 92, was referred by her GP to Living Well as she has a history of falls, one of which ended in a fractured hip and a long spell in hospital.

She is rapidly losing sight in both eyes, this along with her mobility issues were making even simple tasks very hard, and as a result she becoming increasingly isolated in second floor flat, having no regular visitors and not able to go out without assistance.

She did have a care agency for 30 minutes every morning to help her get ready and have breakfast, but this was her only contact most days.

She has never married and has no children or local family but does have relatives in Bath and Singapore. and has a niece in Bristol but no children.

During a guided conversation, Mary said she had always been an avid reader but this had abruptly stopped as her eyesight had failed. She was very eager to get Audio books, but had no idea how to or who to talk to. We helped her get a

Boombox with weekly talking paper from the local Day Centre for free, saving her £60. We also contacted Calibre Audio books and arranged weekly books for to arrive by USB stick to use with her Boombox. She also joined the RNIB

Mary had been using a laptop to order her shopping, and to keep in touch with friends and family in Singapore but with her failing eyesight she was finding it near impossible even when using visual aids. We spoke about a Breezie through Age UK and she was very interested so we investigated further. Mary ordered a Breezie and I acted as her Breezie Nominee to help guide her through the process as she had no one else.

Once the Breezie had arrived, I went through set up with Mary and we worked out best way to use it with the magnifying glass. Mary is now back to ordered her shopping and contacting her nieces in Hong Kong.  She is an avid listener to her audio books. She is very happy with the Breezie as she feels it has given her some independence back and her family are happier as they can see she is getting the support she needs and doing things she wishes to do.

Mary has also joined the coffee morning group, coming along to the ‘get togethers’ regularly, which has helped her to build her confidence to go out again. She is also getting support and encouragement though the RNIB

We have also been working with OT and community rehab team to encourage Mary to do her exercises. We have connected her with the local community matron, so she can assist her in managing her health.