Volunteering in the community - by Bernice Putt

Over the last 2 months, many people have risen up to the challenge and volunteered for fantastic causes, we both wanted to help in any way that we could. In March 2020, I asked if Age UK Cornwall had a need for any extra Volunteers during COVID-19. My employment is with Cornwall Rural Community Charity. I work as a Hospital Discharge worker at Treliske hospital, where I help patients that may be socially isolated, return home.

Quite quickly I got a call back from Age UK Cornwall, asking me to deliver prescriptions. I then went along and met the super staff at the Green Lane pharmacy - who set me up and got me started straight away.

The team really are lovely and try to give me bits to deliver in the same area, but that isn’t always possible, so this can be challenging on occasions. It’s surprising how it doesn’t seem to take long for you to start recognising addresses and locations, that’s not to say I always remember which way I have to go. Thank goodness for satnav but, often, I have just stumbled over the address I’m looking for completely by chance!

A Mother and Daughter team

After a couple of days, I was joined on my trips by my wonderful daughter. She had been furloughed from her job and was feeling at a bit of a loss. So we thought that two sets of eyes might be better than one and we could reach even more people. I can tell you that it certainly makes the job quicker, although occasionally, both of us struggle to fathom out where we need to go.

I would like to say that volunteering together has meant the world to us both and given us an appreciation of the difficulties that people are facing during this extraordinary time.

Bernice Putt, Volunteer and Mum

Bernice and her Daughter are using Age UK Cornwall Electric Vehicles to deliver prescriptions in Camborne, Redruth and the surrounding areas. 

Making a difference

Travelling around delivering medication to often elderly or vulnerable people, who may not have seen anyone for a few days, has been a very positive thing for both us. People are really friendly and appreciative of what we’re doing and they’re often happy to see a smiling face when they answer the door (even if it is behind a mask!).

In these strange times, it is hard work keeping yourself feeling positive and motivated, but getting out and about and making a difference has really helped. So, although the people of Redruth and Camborne & surrounding areas are probably thankful to Age UK Cornwall for the service, both my daughter and I are very grateful to Age UK Cornwall for letting us help out.

About Age UK Cornwall and TAP (Transport Access People)

Between March - June 2020, Age UK Cornwall and TAP have helped people to receive:
1,085 essential supply & shopping deliveries.
1,424 healthy meals & medication drops
2,098 journeys to Devon & Cornwall hospitals.

None of this would have been possible without Volunteer drivers like Bernice and her Daughter.

Contact Transport Services

We provide safe, coordinated, friendly, cost effective transport for everyone in the community. If you need a little help - please call our Transport Services on:

01872 223388


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