Connecting people through the sharing of personal stories

We all have stories. Storylines is a Community Interest Company, which runs creative projects, workshops and events that use the common language of story to bring people together to share, celebrate, learn and connect. Digital storytelling is at the heart of much of our work, providing a fantastic way to celebrate and share personal stories. Storylines supports people, organisations and communities to unearth and share their own stories through bespoke story projects, digital storytelling, education, oral history, workshops, interpretation, training and consultancy. Our projects help foster new relationships between people of all ages, building stronger, more resilient communities.
For more information please visit our website at www.storylines.org.uk

At this time we are all having to dig deep in so many ways as our ‘normal’ morphs into something unrecognisable and our usual freedoms are curtailed. But we are hearing incredible tales of communities who are working together to support one another and of heart-warming gestures of kindness. In fact a lot of these stories reminded us of memories we’d recorded from the past, of looking out for neighbours, local delivery services, resourcefulness and little acts of kindness.

This is why Storylines decided to set up its new project Kemeneth, which is Cornish for community, to provide an opportunity for connection through the sharing of personal stories about kindness, community and resourcefulness.

We are inviting people to share with us your memories and experiences of moments of kindness, community and resourcefulness. Big or small, past or present, we have no doubt that everyone will have something to contribute. There’s no right or wrong with this so please do feel free to let yourself go wherever your mind takes you.

We have a website at www.kemeneth.co.uk where you can read some stories we’ve already collected and find out more about how to contribute. We know that not everyone has digital access so another option is to phone us for a yarn on 07932950580. We are also looking at doing postal exchanges so get in touch if you’d like to receive and share your memories by post.

Although this is a challenging time, it is also an opportunity to reflect and reimagine how we engage with each other and the world. Now, more than ever, we need to celebrate and remember the positive ways that communities pull together, the resourcefulness that helps us find new ways and the acts of kindness that can transform our days.

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