Rose’s story

Rose was referred into the project by Adult Social Care Early Intervention Team. We first visited on a joint visit with 2 members of ASC.

Having spent a period of time in hospital with leg ulcers the concerns were around returning to home environment and risks of recurrent infections and future hospital admissions.

Health conditions:



Vascular Problems High Grade leg ulcers

Risk of falls

Prior to hospital admission Rose had had limited contact with health and social Care, with deteriorating health she had made her world very small and had reduced social contact and was failing to open mail and attend to bills. Rose was also not attending to her dietary needs and was under weight. She also had a dog who was not being walked due to her limited mobility.

Rose had become estranged from her family and only had one close friend.

District nurses visit regularly


  • Motivation for daily living activities
  • Maintaining living environment after ASC organised deep clean
  • Money management
  • Support with transport to hospital appointments
  • Support with Walking the dog
  • Support with paperwork and addressing unpaid utility bills
  • To build confidence around authority
  • Support for historic abuse



  • Arranged for a local cleaner to visit bi monthly Rose really pleased with service
  • Matched with Age UK Volunteer
  • VolunteerĀ  helped set up online Bank Account in order to manage finances
  • Volunteer acted as advocate at health appointments and helped with transport
  • Worked with Council to receive exemptions for Council tax and wiped outstanding arrears
  • Details of Cinnamon Trust
  • Contacted CRASAC re telephone Counselling for historic abuse
  • Building Trust and confidence with Rose to manage her life and work with her to identify future goals
  • Feedback to EIS


  • Rose has a more positive outlook to her life (see SWEWMBS score)
  • Anxiety has reduced and has built a positive relationship with her volunteer
  • Is managing finances more effectively
  • Is now cooking for herself and dietary input increased
  • Is ready to seek support for historic abuse
  • Has a regular dog walker
  • Has increased monthly income from council tax exemption
  • Is able to deal with the continuing fluctuations in health far better
  • Is looking forward to engaging in social activities in the new year