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Solomon Browne Memorial hall

Added by
Naomi Gorvin
on 20th March 2020

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Support category
  • Social groups & friendship
  • Befriending
Help type
  • Talking
  • Shopping delivery
  • Post letters
  • Phone chat
  • Pet care
  • Online resources
  • Information
  • Food delivery
  • Fitness online
  • Donations
  • Dog walking
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Car errands
  • Advice
  • Mousehole
Health conditions
  • Coronavirus

The Solomon Browne Memorial hall in Mousehole has become a Coronavirus support hub offering a wide range of services to residents in the local area.

Added on behalf of the Soloman Browne Memorial by CRCC. 

Please note, this listing has been added by a member of the community in good faith and in accordance with the T&C’s of use. Cornwall Link site operators are not responsible for the quality of the information or service listed. We implore people to stay safe and vigilant during this time. Please take a look at our Safeguarding and community resources for guidance on connecting with individuals and services via Cornwall Link.

Accessing Solomon Browne Memorial hall

Open to everyone
Referral needed?



Provided by Solomon Browne Hall

Contact name
Tamsin Harvey
Email address
(01736 731040

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